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Charcuterie Picnic

Charcuterie Picnic

All summer we have been dreaming of creating a glamorous picnic at the beach. Although the weather is starting to cool down, we decided to embrace it and head out for an over-the-top afternoon picnic at a gorgeous sandy beach. Of course, we started our planning with a little Pinterest research and fell in love with all of the great inspo - check out our picnic inspiration board here!

Picnic Inspiration autumn fall style charcuterie creme brulee

For our location, we chose a grey sandy beach. This particular beach is located just outside the Mistaken Point Ecological Reserve in a rocky corner called the Drook. The Drook holds a special place for me because it's where my family originally laid its roots in Newfoundland. Thankfully, it created a nice crisp backdrop for the look we wanted to achieve for our classy picnic.

fall picnic inspiration grey sandy beach charcuterie goals

Being foodies and looking for any excuse to create a good charcuterie board, we opted to go for a more glamorous approach to picnic foods. Our main focus was on creating an ornate charcuterie board with a mix of rich complimentary flavours and colours. Below is our list for the key items on how to make a great fall charcuterie board.

fall autumn picnic charcuterie goals inspiration proscuitto cheese

We included:

- Roasted red pepper hummus
- Cucumber
- Carrots
- Proscuitto
- Genoa salami
- Coppa di parma
- Red grapes
- Smoked cheddar
- Herbed goats cheese
- Toasted baguette
- Cracker sticks
- Greek tomato paste

To add to the extravagance we also prepared a baked brie with almonds and pomegranate seeds. We paired all of this tasty food with one of my favourite white wines, the Australian Butterball Chardonnay.

jessica kilfoy fashion food blog fall autumn charcuterie picnic goals inspiration newfoundland
lauren dawe fashion food blog charcuterie picnic goals inspiration fall autumn
charcuterie board picnic inspiration how to fashion food blog newfoundland fall autumn inspiration
creme brûlée dessert how to make charcuterie board fall inspiration food blog newfoundland goals

To finish off our lavish afternoon feast we treated ourselves to creme brûlée and tea on the beach as the sun set. 

bff goals beach picnic inspiration how to charcuterie board goals fall autumn fashion
indigo initial mug beach picnic how to charcuterie board inspiration fall fire

To achieve this cozy look we purchased the sweetest white picnic basket from Stokes, the monogram mugs are from Indigo, and the quilt is from Pipers. Although it looks lavish, it doesn't have to be expensive. Really, all you need is a blanket, a good friend, and a nice bottle of wine!

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