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Bespoke Cycle

Bespoke Cycle

After our Halloween Baking post, we were starting to feel the need for a healthy turn of events. We were absolutely ecstatic when we got the invite from Bespoke Cycle to come check out their brand new boutique cycling studio in St.John's.

bespoke cycle boutique spin studio newfoundland st. john's fitness

Upon entering we were greeted by Cara and the rest of the friendly staff and were in awe of the light, refreshing atmosphere of the studio. It's clear that a community has already started to form even though Bespoke Cycle has been open only little more than a month! As cyclers filed in, they were greeted by name with energetic smiles from the staff, which seemed to be returned from every person who entered.

Candidly, Lauren and I are not the fittest people, but Jessie, the general manager, assured us that we would be perfectly fine. Bespoke's cycling classes are for every level; it's more about finding your own level within a group.

The studio exudes luxury and style. With a modern and clean design from Plank Design, it's easy to feel comfortable and totally spoiled when heading to spin class. The folks at Bespoke Cycle have thought of everything! If you can show up dressed, you're ready to go. They supply for you a water bottle filling station, cycling shoes for the bikes, hair elastics, tampons, shampoo & conditioner, hair dryers, straighteners, and anything else you could need. And to top it all off, they've installed gorgeous rainfall shower heads! Taking a shower paired with the luxury soap products they provide from Malin+Gotez, your experience will feel more spa-like than a workout.

bespoke cycle boutique spin cycle fashion athletic what we wore

lauren wore: mesh-insert cami from winners, leggings from marika and puma sneakers

bespoke cycle boutique spin studio newfoundland st. john's cycling we wore fashion athletic

jessica wore: racerback tank, athletic leggings from aritzia and sneakers from Nike

Dressed in our athletic go-to, all black and fitted, we stepped into the Bespoke Cycle studio and clipped in. We were given a quick run down on how to clip the cycling shoes in and out and how to use the bike. The studio was dark and perfectly air conditioned, yet felt welcoming and cozy thanks to the huge smiles from the group and the calming candlelight on the teacher's stage. 

bespoke cycle boutique cycling st. john's newfoundland

Our cycling teacher, Carla, was perfect! She was energetic, welcoming and so encouraging during the entire ride. With perfectly timed commentary and a playlist that was almost impossible to not sing along with, a 45 minute workout has never flown by so quickly, or with so much enjoyment. Although I was thankful for the darkened room for all my sweating, as soon as I finished I wanted to do it again! 

As we tip-tapped our cycling shoes way back to our lockers after the class, smiling and laughing with our co-cyclers, we were greeted by the precious Bespoke Cycling mascot, Scout. Not much solidifies the endorphins and happy-high after a good workout like the tail wag of an adorable pup!

bespoke cycling st. john's newfoundland

Reluctantly, we handed back our cycling shoes and said goodbye to the comforting dark studio and vowed to return again. Although I'm not the fittest, I've been an avid runner and cyclical gym goer for years, but I have never felt the sense of community and genuine lightheartedness I did after a good spin at Bespoke.

bespoke cycle bloggers fitness st. john's newfoundland

With Carla's playlist resonating in our heads (think, Zombie by The Cranberries followed by Beyoncé), Lauren and I set out with our Bespoke Cycle water bottles and sweaty selves as a great memory and rewarded ourselves with the refreshing treat of Menchie's frozen yogurt.

I think if every Sunday started this way, we'd go into Monday's feeling a lot happier. Here's to the happy Sunday ride and workouts that make you smile!


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