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Black on Black

Black on Black

Like a lot of women, and probably men too, I feel most comfortable in black. There's a reason the little black dress has never gone out of style, right? Being pale and blonde (though recently ginger) I've naturally gravitated away from lighter tones to avoid looking too washed out. Of course, as I've aged and played with my personal style, I now know that isn't actually how it works, and I can totally break out white on white (though never quite as well as Lauren - see her post here). 

However, no matter how much style exploration I've done, my favourite look is still black on black. 

My favourite way to wear it is with a skinny black jean, mine are currently from American Eagle  and a loose spaghetti strap cami. My weight is always a little in flux so I like to stay at a lower price point for bottoms, but splurge on my tops as they're easier to adjust and wear at different weights. My favourite camis are from Aritzia (I literally own every version they have made); they're worth the extra cost! 

With bare shoulders the black on black look won't see as overwhelming. You can also try breaking it up with a cute belt and side-tucking your cami or adding a contrast shoe. For a chillier occasion, add a draped jacket - in black - for a little texture and movement to keep it from looking stiff and boring.

black on black with trench coat fashion

If you can't commit to the true full black look, opt for a contrasting jacket like I did above! I switched out my shoe for a black pointy toe that shows enough skin to break up the black look and threw on a trench coat from Vero Moda that has black faux leather trim to tie it in.

we wore: a faux-leather trim trench coat from vero moda

Your accessories can make all the difference as well. I like to keep them simple and delicate to avoid making the outfit look heavy, and an addition of a natural tone will go a long way to keeping your black on black look fresh instead of dark.

Whether it's travelling and styling it casual,

dressing for a day-to-night potential,

or even hitting the gym; black on black is my favourite.

Although I have been trying to drag my closet away from black and embrace more colour, there's something about an all black outfit that makes me feel my best. What's your favourite way to wear black on black?

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Brunch: Drake One Fifty

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