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Coffee Coffee Coffee

Coffee Coffee Coffee

If you're anything like Jess and I, coffee is a must. We cannot start our day without coffee. Last weekend we made it our mission to find the top coffee spots in St.John's (and vicinity).  As it turns out, there are many, but here's a few that definitely make the top of our list!

The Grounds Cafe

cafe interior modern

This was our first visit to The Grounds Cafe and we were wowed! This is a hidden gem. The interior is bright, white, and clean with tons of natural light provided by the large windows. The high ceilings, light wood, and natural green accents are dreamy. 

They serve locally roasted Trinity Coffee and we gave the dark roast a try. They had lots of treats to choose from... which we found particularly difficult to choose between.. so we had three. Three! We tried the cinnamon bun, the ginger cookie, and the berry scone; all were delicious. The also have a small lunch menu with 6 or so options to choose from. 

We will absolutely go out of our way to go back here! It's located within the Murray's Garden Centre so I can only image how gorgeous it will be in the summertime. 

Rocket Bakery and Fresh Food

coffee pretty 2018

We are huge fans of the Rocket Bakery. From the bread, to the cakes, to the coffee we love it all. We normally go for an Americano but they are a great place to try if you're looking for a specialty coffee as the barristas are fantastic. I mean look at that Mocha in the photo above! 

Not only is the coffee great, they have a wide variety of tea and other drink options, even alcohol! They also have breads, treats, cakes, salads, sandwiches, and the list goes on. It's a great place to go for lunch with friends or just pop in for a coffee

Fixed Coffee and Baking

pretty coffee

Fixed Coffee is another go-to spot for us. This super cute cafΓ© is a great spot to get a takeaway coffee and sit in the adjacent park, or to sit in the window a people watch.  

It's another great place to get a specialty coffee or pick up some beans so you can enjoy at home; although, good luck making a cup that can compare to theirs. They carry Anchor Coffee and the locally roasted Bonavista Coffee.

They also serve great vegetarian food and delish sweets! 

The Luxus Boutique Hotel

The Luxus Boutique Hotel

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