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MaryamCollahi Studio: Dermaplaning

MaryamCollahi Studio: Dermaplaning

Walking into the MaryamCollahi Studio, tucked away in beautiful historic Yaletown, I immediately felt at ease. With its all-white décor and cozy feel, it’s exactly the kind of space you want to be in while you’re getting those treatments that make you feel so fresh, clean and renewed.

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I started visiting MaryamCollahi Studio a couple of months ago, after my move to Vancouver. Moving to a new area comes with a lot of challenges, including finding your new go-to place for getting your brows done. Am I right? Finding the right place to go is crucial, and sometimes it takes some hopping around to find your new brow home! Lucky for me, after a quick google search, I set out to try this cute studio in downtown Vancouver. I booked in with River, and a few days later she threaded and tinted my brows and I swear it was the best they have ever looked! After some chatting, the wonderful staff at MaryamCollahi invited me to come back and try out their new dermaplaning service - and obviously, I was ecstatic to do so!


I typically get my eyebrows threaded and tinted about once a month, so I waited for my brows to be ready for their refresh, and I booked my dermaplaning session along with that. Who doesn’t love a day getting multiple services done?! That morning, I washed my face, skipped the exfoliator and even moisturizer to make sure my skin was ready for the service. My skin has been feeling good lately, so I was very excited to bring it to the next level!

First, River started with my brows. She began with tinting, typically I go for a light or medium brown. Once the tinting was wiped off, she started with her miracle work - threading. Watching River do this, is absolutely mesmerizing! It’s clear that she knows what she’s doing, and she’s been doing it for a long time. Whenever I start seeing someone new for my brows, there’s always a lot of nerves hoping that they’re going to keep my brows the way I like and not do anything too drastic. Well, I feel completely at ease with River! Her fingers whiz over my face and I feel the little eyebrow hairs falling onto my face as the thread does its thing and somehow, she gives me perfect brows every single time.

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Now, is time for a little touch of honestly. For some reason, this is a topic that some ladies avoid, and I don’t know why, because I absolutely love it. Getting your lip waxed or threaded is awesome. Let’s be honest, some times we need it, and that’s totally okay! I was thankfully blessed with very fair hair so I haven’t had much of an issue in that area, but a few years ago I tried it out when I found my make-up not sitting quite right in the area, and now I get my lip done every single time I get my brows done! It’s worth it - it feels so smooth, make-up sits great, and I never have to think twice about if I’m getting a lady stache! Try it out, ladies. No shame!

After the threading, River filled in my brows, got rid of any stragglers with tweezers and then we tied my hair back to prepare for the dermaplaning.

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Dermaplaning is a skin care treatment that removes dead skin cells and vellus hair, aka peach fuzz. An estetician will use a small blade to lightly scrape along your skin to remove the old and leave fresh, glowing, smooth skin.

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Results that you will notice immediately afterwards include glowing, smooth skin with improved texture and tone. But I’m told that the perks really come with continued use! Dermaplaning is said to have the ability to reduce wrinkles and fine lines, dark spots, reduce acne scarring and can overtime reduce the amount of fine facial hair that grow back post-procedure.

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River started the dermaplaning session with rubbing in a light skin treatment to prepare my face for the shaving part of the procedure. She then began with the blade, removing vellus hair from my face and neck, along with dead skin cells. After this, another treatment was massaged into my skin to promote hydration and boost the exfoliation that just occurred on my skin.

With a few quick swipes of the blade, my little sideburns and cheek peach fuzz were no longer! This procedure is an easy way to achieve that glowing looking we all love, and on top of that, the smoothness of your skin is absolutely irresistible! Afterwards, I couldn’t stop touching my face, it was just so soft! The only instance in which this procedure may not be for you, is if you are currently experiencing an acne breakout. But once it’s cleared, dermaplaning is a good option to keep dead skin cells from building up and hopefully prevent future breakouts.

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Make sure of course that after your procedure that you take good care to your skin! After the treatment my skin was just slightly red, but very sensitive. I made sure to avoid direct sunlight for the day because of this sensitivity. For the next 24 hours, to let my fresh skin breathe and acclimatize to its new normal, I avoided wearing any make-up and made sure to moisturize more often than usual to avoid any dryness that may occur.

Over the next couple weeks, my skin felt better than ever! It felt as if it was the first time my skin has actually felt fresh air. It felt so light, fresh, and pristine! My make-up sat perfectly, I swear my face almost looked slimmer, and my skin was so incredibly soft.

Around week three post-treatment, I started to feel my peach fuzz, particularly around my side-burn area growing back. It still felt light and soft, and it wasn’t visible at all as it grew back. Now that it’s slowly growing back in, I’m so eager to go for my next treatment! My skin still has a great glow, which I’m attributing to less dead skin cells and lightened hair, and this fresh-face feeling is something I just can’t let go!

Once you know, you know! Dermaplaning might be my new addiction.

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