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We Stayed: Rosewood Hotel Georgia

We Stayed: Rosewood Hotel Georgia

As winter continues through Canada, there’s one thing that, no matter what province I’m living in, helps me beat the cold weather. That one thing is a big, luxurious, bath tub. Although Vancouver’s winters may not be as blustery as the Newfoundland winters I’m used to, it still has that chill that makes you want to hibernate somewhere cozy. I started searching for an evening getaway that would give me an opportunity to take a long, warm bath in a perfect tub followed by a relaxing snooze in a big, comfy bed. The Rosewood Hotel Georgia gave me exactly that, and much more!

Located in a central downtown area of Vancouver, the Rosewood is perfectly poised to be your hub for a proper Van experience. With the Pacific Centre Shopping Centre just across the street, Yaletown and Gastown just a quick 15 minute walk away, and just a few streets down from the scenic waterfront views of Canada Place, the Rosewood is in the ideal location.

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Situated in its prime location of towering buildings and bustling streets, the Rosewood Hotel Georiga stands out in the crowd. Its regal façade is only the beginning of the stunning details you’ll find at this hotel. Opened in 1927, the Hotel Georgia was even then known to be one of the most fashionable hotels in Vancouver. After their recent renovations and revamp to open the now Rosewood Hotel Georgia, it’s still holds it’s fashionable reputation! As you approach the building, you can sense the grandeur and elegance dating back to its previous life. Walking in through the rotating doors, greeted by its sparking chandeliers, regal décor and vibes that mix total luxury with the chic 20s. The Rosewood takes the legacy of the roaring 20s and combines it with modern style to create a stunning hotel that you won’t want to leave.

They didn’t skip a single detail on their design of this space. With everything from vintage-inspired clocks, luxurious fabrics and impeccable service from the staff, when you want into the Rosewood, you’re walking into another era. It’s no wonder that guests like Katharine Hepburn, John Wayne, Sir Laurence Olivier and more spent evenings here - and the staff will make you feel like a celebrity of your own.

Aside from their stunning rooms and great amenities, the Rosewood also has a collection of bars and restaurants throughout their establishment that are sure to please. The first of which is located in the lobby of the hotel, perfect for grabbing a drink on your way out for the evening or having a quick sip before bed.

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After standing in the lobby, with my jaw dropping at the grandeur of this space, and wishing that I had bought a fringed flapper dress for the occasion, we made our way up to our room for the evening.

the rosewood hotel georgia downtown vancouver review where to stay tourism spa pool

hello, luxury!

As we walked into our room, it was clear that the attention to detail I was stunned by in the lobby, carried through to the hotel rooms. Featuring spacious closets, a large full length mirror and (thank goodness) a very nice coffee machine!

Then, as we turned the corner, we were greeted by the large, luxurious bed. And you know me, that was the first place I went. Trust me, it was just as comfy as it looks! It did make it very difficult to get out of bed the next morning though, and yes, that was the worst part of my stay at the Rosewood.

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but even better than the comfy bed,
was the view

As I sat up on the plush bed, basking in the sunlight coming in from the large windows, the view from the bed really stole the show. For me, this was the piece de resistance of the rooms at the Rosewood Hotel Georgia: the stunning bath tub. This bath room, was beyond what I had envisioned! It was spacious and one of the most luxurious spa-like bathrooms I have ever experienced during a hotel stay.

the rosewood hotel georgia downtown vancouver where to stay spa bc tourism luxury boutique

First off, the black marble floor contrasted by the crisp white details was perfectly my style and I would say, absolutely timeless. It’s classy, chic and exudes luxury just as everything else at the Rosewood does. Of course, the bath tub was amazing, but so was everything else. The bathroom featured two separate countertops which was ideal for later in the evening as we prepared for going out to dinner, a large waterfall shower and the toilet was separated by tall frosted glass. For an intimate feel, the bathroom even had under-counter lighting that was the perfect amount of light for a late evening bath.

the rosewood hotel georgia downtown vancouver spa pool luxury boutique where to stay

Now, of course we were a little excited for our evening getaway, so we checked in early in the afternoon so we could make the best of our stay. With a few hours to kill before our dinner reservation at the hotel’s restaurant, Hawksworth, we decided to check out the pool and spa area. They have a gorgeous spa area with a perfectly curated list of therapies and treatments that would take your relaxing getaway to the next level. We headed straight for the art-deco inspired 52’ heated indoor pool.

rosewood hotel georgia spa downtown vancouver pool luxury boutique

We finished our swim in the calming saltwater pool, donned our robes and headed back to our room to prepare for our night out. On our walk back to our room, we passed by Reflections: the Garden Terrace, the rooftop bar and restaurant at the Rosewood - and it looked amazing! There was plush couches, fluffy blankets and impeccable décor keeping the glamour feel of the entire hotel. Reflections will be opening soon for the spring/summer season, and I’ll definitely be visiting to check it out!

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Thanks to our spacious washroom and closet, it didn’t take two people long to get ready. After a refreshing wash in the rainfall showerhead, we both got dressed and headed downstairs to Hawkworth, the fine dining restaurant on the main floor of the Rosewood. This restaurant features contemporary Canadian cuisine, which was absolutely delicious!

hawksworth restaurant fine dining rosewood hotel georgia downtown vancouver 5 stars luxury

Every dish we ordered, completely wowed us. It’s not very often you can have a meal at a restaurant and have every single bite surprise, and impress you. But, that is exactly what you get at Hawksworth!

After our perfect meal, we retired to our room to sleep in that big, cozy bed. We awoke with the sun shining in onto the bed and lighting up the spacious suite. I rolled out of bed, rang room service and waited, people-watching out the window for the last luxury of our stay the Rosewood.

the rosewood hotel georgia downtown vancouver luxury room service spa boutique review

Sipping our coffee, we reluctantly began packing our belongings and preparing to leave the Rosewood hotel. Our stay was impeccable, and we’ve been talking about it ever since! If you’re looking to be treated like a celebrity, enjoy some quiet time and take a long bath, this is the place to do it.

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