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For us Newfoundlanders, England, and Europe in general, has become a much more accessible and popular travel spot thanks to the direct flights from St.John's with WestJet. We've been to London a few times before, and so we decided on our most recent weekend there that we would try to see something outside the city. This tour of Stonehenge with Golden Tours UK was exactly what we were looking for! If you have a weekend in London, but want to catch a glimpse of the English countryside, we definitely recommend this tour


The tour is super fast paced so wear comfortable walking shoes. We went in May when temperatures can vary from 10 to 20 plus degrees, and you never know when to expect rain, so we recommend bringing a jacket as well. 

we wore: high waisted black jeans from american eagle. lauren wore a jacket from zara and sweater from artizia. jess wore a jacket from vero moda

The tour leaves early, at about 7am, from Victoria station and includes lunch. It takes you first to the lavish Windsor Castle, where you have the choice of exploring the sweet little town of Windsor or to actually go within the grounds of the castle and see some of the beautiful rooms of the castle in which the Queen still resides.  

The next stop is Lacock, a historic town in rural England that has houses and barns dating back to 1200. If you're a Harry Potter, like us, the abbey in town was featured as part of the Halls and grounds of Hogwarts! Unfortunately, the tour was so fast paced that we didn't get a chance to go in but we will definitely be going back.


The tour then takes you to Bath. Bath was hands down the best surprise. It is absolutely gorgeous and reminded us of France with almost all buildings being made of golden coloured bath stone. This town has tons of history as it was home to the Roman baths! The tour doesn't give quite enough time to go into the museums but we did check out a local favorite - Cornish pasties! You have to get a pie from The Cornish Bakery if you're ever in Bath. These were followed up nicely by a beer at cozy local pub called The Huntsman.

the huntsman pub bar bath england uk

Finally, the last stop is Stonehenge. The site provides an audio tour which I loved - Jess always gives me grief over the fact that I have to read everything in a museum, or that I'm right up in front with the tour guide. So the audio tour is perfect, I listen and then share random facts with Jess. Also, it looked like a hilarious '90s cellphone and I couldn't resist pictures with it. 

IMG_7380 2.JPG

You have to check out this tour if you're in London. We had a blast and it only left us wanting it see more. We will definietly be back to see more of the places we visited! 

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